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11 Things to do in Pohang


1. Take a surf lesson at Yeongilman (영일만, 서핑 포항).

2. Go to Chilpo-ri Temple (칠포리).  From Shiwae Bus Terminal, go to Heunghae Transfer Center ( bus 100, 500, or 107). There is a country bus without a number you can take from the Heunghae Transfer Center Stop. Ask the driver to stop at Chilpo. The bus runs once/ hour. The 500 and 510 go to Wolpo beach too.

3. Go to Bogyeongsa Temple/ hike the 12 waterfalls (보경사). Hop on the 510 bus from Shiwae Bus terminal- it ends at Bogyeongsa.

4. Visit the Homigot Hand & Guryonpo’s Japanese Street (호미곶/ 구룐포). Take the 200 bus – get off at Guryongpo transfer centre(구룡포환승센터) – then take the “Homigot” bus (호미곶 – there’s no number). Ask the driver to tell you where to get off (but it should be obvious).

5. Go to Jangsa Beach (장사리) – the best beach in Pohang. Buy a ticket at Shiwae Bus Terminal and ask the driver to stop at Jangsa. The journey takes about an hour depending on traffic. Buy your return ticket at the shop next to the convenience store opposite the beach (use the tunnel that connects the beach to the town).

6. Attend an orchestra performance. Bus 200 goes there from Shiwae Bus Terminal.

7. Attend a baseball game– Samsung Lions. Bus 200 goes there from Shiwae Bus Terminal.

8. Attend a soccer game – Pohang Steelers. Bus 200 goes there from Shiwae Bus Terminal.

9. Shop at Jukdo Market (포항죽도). Most buses pass by Jukdo Market.

10. Stay awake all night, party at Tilt and watch the sun rise (포항틸트). Naver has all the bus details!

11. Eat Haemul (cold noodles, grated pear and sashimi) (포항해물). It’s off the hook tasty! There are loads of restaurants that serve Haemul along Pohang’s main beach “Bukbu”, now known as Yeongildae.


Pohang Orchestra

Tonight I watched Pohang’s local orchestra perform at the Pohang Culture and Arts Center near POSCO Bridge and the baseball stadium. Mendelssohn, Mozart and Dvorak all featured in tonight’s performance.

What makes attending this classical music event so special? Well, for starters, it’s 2,000 won per ticket! Show me anywhere else in the world where you can regularly access good quality music for less than a quid!

Tonight’s performance was conducted by Byeong-Uk Lee (Lee Byung-wook), who usually heads up the Korean Symphony Orchestra and featured Ju-Won Kim (Kim Juwon) on flute during Mozart’s “Concerto for Flute and Orchestra No.1 in G Major, K313. It’s hard for me to find information on these musicians using google but I’m sure that if you naver them you’ll find a trove of information. Most of my info seems to indicate that they’re usually based up in Seoul but both of them have connections with Germany.

Great performance, really enjoyed Dvorak’s “From the New World Opus 95”.

Two things I’ll mention about the overall experience.

1) There are loads of kids. They run around and they whisper and make telescopes out of programmes. Cute and slightly annoying.

2) It’s hot in the auditorium – the musicians were sweating on stage. Don’t sit in the lower section – definitely aim for higher up where the air is cooler. You’ll also have a better view of the orchestra if you sit in the elevated section.

Booking tickets: My co-teacher was kind enough to book the tickets online for me but you can probably buy them at the venue too.

The next performance is on June 19th and will feature works by Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky.

Getting there: Take the 200 from Shiwae Bus Terminal or a taxi to 포항문화에술회관대공연장 (790-722 경북 포항시 남구 시청로 1(포항시청 14층 포항시시설관리공단).

Sidenote: There are also free monthly concerts held on Saturdays at 17:00 – 육거리 포항 아트홀. The last one was 17th May.