Pohang Coffee Diary

Maone (마오네 애견 애묘카페)

This is the 3rd pet cafe I’ve visited in Pohang, although I suspect there are many more! Cafe 1944, downtown, has 2 cats and is a really beautiful cafe with friendly staff, great art and live music from time to time.

There is a dog/cat cafe in Idong, near City Hall and the soccer fields, but I didn’t rate this one much as the dogs were untrained and the cafe smelled quite bad on the day I visited. I also thought the prices were a bit high. Skip!

Maone is located downtown, near Whistlers. I think this is my favourite cat/dog cafe so far because staff clean the floors regularly so it’s very clean inside! The cafe is spacious enough for the cats and dogs to have a good run around and they all seem pretty happy and relaxed.

The prices are pretty steep: I paid 7,000 won for a very average green tea latte, but I’d happily pay a bit extra to spend time with the furries! You can’t take drinks into the cat enclosure and you have to take your shoes off too.

You can take your own dog (I think there’s a 3,000won charge for this) – expect your dog to be stormed by at least 5 excited, inquisitive noses. Depending on how your dog has been socialised, this could be a stressful experience.

Sweet Days in Song-Do: When I stepped into Sweet Days a few weeks ago, it was like the staff had never seen a foreigner before. They seemed completely shell shocked and I could almost smell the fear! LOL. We got there in the end so it doesn’t matter. Prices are OK, the view is great though. Head upstairs and bagsy yourself a table overlooking Song-do Beach (POSCO will be in your view but just look at the sea and jet-skiers and pretend to block out the ol’ white elephant). Sweet Days runs a barrista training course but don’t expect that to be available in English anytime soon. There is another 2 story coffee shop a few doors down which I need to check out. I really like Song-do because it’s Korean. Very few foreigners live or visit the area so it’s got great character. It’s also a hub for watersports like jet-skiing, kite surfing and flyboarding. I saw flyboarding for the first time ever after my half marathon last year and I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was like seeing the Green Goblin in action. Absolutely surreal and a real craze in Korea.

Window seats. Popular.
Cutie Jindo puppy on Song-do Beach
This book made me wish I could read Korean…

Hisbeans (the harbour near Jukdo Market)I think this is one of my favourite coffee shops in Pohang.  It’s cosy, the guy behind the till is super friendly and speaks good English, there are ENGLISH books that you can read and the view over the harbour can’t be beat, especially at night.  The coffee shop is also situated in my favourite piece of architecture in the city. There is a cycle path that runs past it, on the way to Yeongildae (Bukbu) Beach so no excuse not to stop and check it out! Prices are very reasonable. IMG_20140418_223516

Idong Coffee shops: There are so many great coffee shops in Idong and here are two worth mentioning, located near City Hall. Edasoso/ Mamas Hands is a gallery cafe where lovely art adorns the coffee shop walls and beautiful pottery is for sale. You can also book a pottery decorating session, where you can choose anything from cups to plates and paint it. Prices range from 10,000 won upwards which includes glazing and baking the item.


The other cafe is called the Puppy and Cat cafe and is located near the football fields. I’ll update the location shortly since naver and google maps apparently don’t send their cars down the side streets in Idong. It’s near City Hall and past the soccer fields AWAY from emart. Everyone in Pohang knows about 1944, the cat cafe downtown but this cafe is not too well known. I I’ve been there a few times now and there seems to be 5 lapdogs of various breeds. The first time I went there they all went nuts, leaving me with the impression that not many foreigners go there at all. Once they got used to my smell they relaxed a lot and I could stroke them which was quite lovely. Be warned, they are not trained at all so it’s a bit like being at home where you leave your food or drinks unattended at your own risk. The doggies also pee and poo on the tiled floor, and although the cafe owner cleans up the mess very swiftly, this could be a bit unappealing to people who like hygiene more than animals. Enough about the dogs. The cats are amazing! They’re both siamese and they are super playful and friendly! The 2 cats from 1944 could learn a lot from these 2 cuties! I’d say that the drinks here are overpriced but I guess I’m willing to pay a little bit extra to get some animal loving in. If I could change anything about my life here I’d get a dog, but sadly it’s not feasible for the lifestyle I have chosen.

IMG_20140418_214959IMG_20140418_214930 Sunday 16th March: 17C and sunny in Pohang today and lots of people out and about in their cars and bicycles! My first coffee of the day is savoured at Jun Coffee, just north of Yeongildae Beach. It’s surprisingly busy today-when I was here with a friend last September we were the only customers. Jun’s offers a good view over the bay and it would be perfect for sunsets. They offer a barista course here as well as on site roasting. Today the bean varieties available for drip coffee include Brazilian, Kenyan and Guatemalan. My cappucino was 4, 700 won – I liked it but I wish there was slightly more of it!


Sunday 9th March 2014: I had a mad coffee day. I cycled to Yeongildae Beach but had to duck for cover when it started raining- into Twosome Place (투썸플레이스). They have a cool retro feel to the place and a great view over the sea. Pros: Korean fashion magazines, free wifi, artisan chocolate (green tea omg!) and space. I had the coffee of the day, Kenyan, which was fine. You can get a discount if you use yourCJ One Membership card (it’s possible to join using google translate). Cons: Depending on luck of the draw your barista’s English skills might be great or limited. RATING: BETTER THAN STARBUCKS! After the rain stopped I cycled north along the beach, past Sunrise Park and stopped for another coffee at a far more intimate venue: Crema Coffee (크레마). The shop is small, but packs a punch with a patio facing the sea and an in-house roaster. I liked it here because it was peaceful and the wooden interior gives the cafe a very cosy feel. I didn’t feel much like leaving but I had an appointment to keep with a friend so I cycled back along the coastal road until I got back to downtown Pohang. My friend introduced me to a coffee shop called Arabica (아라비카커피숍). I think this was my favourite coffee shop of the day, despite being the most expensive of all 3 cafes. The vibe is Romantic Western antique and although the decor isn’t really to my taste, the Tanzanian coffee, cheese cake and rich chocolate cake certainly hit the spot. The cafe overlooks a lovely garden and it feels like you’re at someone’s house, especially with a few neighbourhood cats roaming the garden. Arabica specializes in African coffees and they roast in-house too. The owner was kind enough to let my friend grind her beans to her specifications, for FREE. We liked it there so much that more than 3 hours had passed before we realised that it was dark outside! This Korean blog has some nice photos so have a look. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to sleep after drinking more than 4 cups of real coffee but I crashed out as soon as I got home. Caffeine immunity: it’s a blessing 😉



One thought on “Pohang Coffee Diary

  1. Edasoso was my favourite place when I lived in Pohang. I miss mama and her painting lessons! There’s another coffee shop not far from there, kind of nestled in the apartments behind the soccer field. It’s called Forest Cafe (I think) and it has a strange garden/dinosaur theme. They have the best coconut smoothie in Pohang/anywhere.

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