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Wanna be a mermaid?

The world is a random place and the internet often brings special people and experiences our way.

Were it not for Couchsurfing, I would never have met Kanghee and learnt about his company Kanghee is a crazy cool guy who used to live in Seoul and has a background in photography and media. He took his imagination to Cebu where he runs snorkeling trips with a twist.

Let’s face it, most girls have a mermaid fantasy. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t get excited at the thought of getting their Ariel on. The trip is mostly aimed at Korean and Japanese tourists. Yes, mermen are also welcome to dress up for the photo op of a lifetime!

I had such a fun day with the Korean and Japanese guests on the boat. It was reassuring to see that despite all the WW2 issues still cropping up between these two great nations that their citizens really enjoy hanging out with each other.  I also found it  a great opportunity to practice my Korean listening and speaking skills as well perfecting my mermaid swim technique. And you know, when there are Koreans on the boat there will be free beer,  snacks and a party atmosphere!

The day will run along these lines: pick up from your hotel, a bit of waiting around for the boat to arrive, boat briefing, snorkelling/ scuba diving at Nalusuan Island (I’d recommend scuba diving over snorkelling because the snorkel area is tiny and absolutely rammed with people). After the dive/ snorkelling you’ll go onto Nalusuan Island for lunch: tasty BBQ and fresh fruit. The photo session took place while we waited for lunch which is good! Empty stomach= photogenic stomach! You’ll do some more diving/ snorkelling/ jet skiing after you leave the island.

Kanghee will email you a bunch of photo and video footage after the experience for you to wow your family and friends with. I highly recommend this as a day trip the next time you visit Cebu.

Korean mermaids getting ready to strike a pose

Recycled inner tube jewellery

My 101 list is always in the back of my mind and over the last week I managed to tick another task off my list.

A few years ago I attended a Bicycle Festival in East London, where I played around with creating bracelets from old bicycle inner tubes.

I decided (quite late) that I wanted to give it a go at Korea Burn this year. So with 3 days to spare I bought 70,000 won’s worth of jewellery paraphernalia from a shop downtown, and collected as many old inner tubes from my local bike shops as possible. They’re all quite stingy with their old tubes, since Koreans already know a lot about recycling and using things to their maximum potential. (That said, they definitely produce waaaaay more plastic than is necessary).

I made a pair of feather-skull earrings and started on a bracelet but it was quite hard using cutting boards on the beach instead of a table so after a while I gave up and got back to tanning, swimming and partying. I initially used fabric paint on the tubes but it’s better to use nail varnish!

I just finished my fish bracelet.

If you’d like some inspiration, check out my Pinterest page.

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