Recycled inner tube jewellery

My 101 list is always in the back of my mind and over the last week I managed to tick another task off my list.

A few years ago I attended a Bicycle Festival in East London, where I played around with creating bracelets from old bicycle inner tubes.

I decided (quite late) that I wanted to give it a go at Korea Burn this year. So with 3 days to spare I bought 70,000 won’s worth of jewellery paraphernalia from a shop downtown, and collected as many old inner tubes from my local bike shops as possible. They’re all quite stingy with their old tubes, since Koreans already know a lot about recycling and using things to their maximum potential. (That said, they definitely produce waaaaay more plastic than is necessary).

I made a pair of feather-skull earrings and started on a bracelet but it was quite hard using cutting boards on the beach instead of a table so after a while I gave up and got back to tanning, swimming and partying. I initially used fabric paint on the tubes but it’s better to use nail varnish!

I just finished my fish bracelet.

If you’d like some inspiration, check out my Pinterest page.

You can buy beads and accessories on .



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