Seoul to Busan 2014


I can’t believe it’s the eve of another Seoul- Busan cycle trip. I think I’m more nervous this time round, having already done the journey once before. It doens’t help having dreams where your bike simply disintegrates into a hundred little pieces right in front of your horrified eyes… I have a better, lighter bike with gears that actually work. What could possibly go wrong?

635km. 5 days. 4 riders.

I recruited 2 guys from FB’s Cyling in Korea group to join Pieter and I this time round. I’ve sent lots of long emails with do’s and don’t, lists, route plans, pep talks and prep lists. I hope the boys have all read them carefully but I’m not holding my breath. We’re meeting at a Jimjjilbang in Incheon tomorrow night. Pieter and I are busing up from Pohang.

It will be interesting so see how closely we stick to the plan I created. I have no doubt that it will be re-jigged. The basic plan is:

Day 1: 151km/ 13.5 hours (mostly flat) From Ara West to Gangcheon Certification Center (p.8-23 in Hangang Vol. 1).

Day 2: 127km/ 11 hours  (some hills) From Gangcheon Certification Center to Sangpunggyeo Certification Center (p.23-41 in Hangang Vol. 1).

Day 3: 77km/7.40hours  (hills) From Sangpunggyeo Certification Center to Namgumidaegyo (p.15-22 in Nakdonggang Vol. 2).

Day 4: 153km/ 12 hours (hills) . From Namgumidaegyo to Changnyeonghamanbo Certification Center (p. 24-41 in Nakdonggang Vol.2).

Day 5: 86km/ 8 hours (HILLS). From Changnyeonghamanbo Certification Center to Nakdonggang Hagutduk Certification Center (p. 41-49 in Nakdonggang Vol. 2).

My basic packing list:
1 or 2 pairs of cycling shorts
1 or 2 jerseys
first aid kit
water bottles
change of clothes
shower stuff
energy bars
day pack
puncture kit incl. allen keys and 1 spanner
spare tubes
spare tyre (folded)
cycling shoes/helmet
chamois cream
carrier and straps/ bungees/ cable ties
emergency contact list for each rider to carry.

The weather is supposed to be cloudy with some rain over the next few days. I’m hoping that we avoid riding in a heatwave this year. I’m also hoping that we will get lost less this year, ride more as a team and that we will have less breakdowns along the way.

I can’t wait to eat  amazing food, meet some kind, generous Koreans and bond with some cycle boys. I hope that fortune favours us, the Brave. I hope everyone finishes.

Let’s do this! 화이팅!





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