Weird things Koreans do to Western food


Koreans have taken pizza to a different level.

Expect to find sweetcorn, potato and sweet potato on your pizza. Also, you may find it useful to know that your stuffed crust may not be cheese but sweet potato. Disappointing LOL!

Instead of a mozzerella shaker/ olive oil or pepper grinder on your table you can expect to  get a side of honey to dip your pizza slice in.

On the pizza theme, my students brought me a slice of home ec pizza- pizza with a rice base. I like this actually, crunchy rice with cheese on top. Nom nom.


You may be able to find wholewheat bread in big cities but in smaller cities and town white bread is a staple.

Koreans love white bread. They also do some crazy shit to it.

Sweet garlic bread. Absolutely traumatic the first time this happens to you. I still don’t get why they’d take a classic and butcher it. Even if it’s cheesy garlic bread it will STILL be sweet.

Bread as dessert. Take a big chunk of bread. Slather in honey/ cinnamon/ butter. That’s the kind of thing I ate as a student when I spent all my pocket money on weed and my cupboard was bare! Here it’s a thing that people pay for. SMH.

Tomatoes as fruit:

Fruit salad with kiwi, apple and tomato anyone? How about an extra of breakfast cereal added in? I cannot lie, this was strange at the beginning but now I really like it!


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