Korean Folk Tales: The Farting Wife

My kids are currently re-painting the school walls and the theme is “Traditional Korean Stories”. I asked my sixth graders to tell me about some of the stories and this one is a beaut!



There’s a lot to geek over in Gwangju, South Korea, beyond the obvious Starcraft tournament cable channel and poorly-translated English tees.  One of my favorites are the traditional morality stories, the fables if you prefer.  A group of expatriates gathered at the local English broadcasting station – GFN (Gwangju Foreign Network) – to do the voice-acting for a compilation of Korean folk tales. These ranged from the mundane to the mythical to the downright nonsensical; each providing a valuable insight into Korean culture.


Over the next few months, Waygeek will be releasing one of the recordings – which are affiliated with the GFN program Once Upon a Time – per week.  This week is the ridiculous tale of the Farting Wife.

Stay tuned for next week’s folk tale: The People Who Saw a Mirror for the First Time.

Listen to GFN online at http://tunein.com/radio/GFN-Gwangju-English-Station-987-s104649/.

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