Kayaking and camping on Geoje Island

Getting from Pohang to Geoje is a pain in the ass. It really is. But I had such an awesome weekend that the looooong journey was totally worth it.

From Pohang shiwae (downtown intercity bus terminal) you need to get a bus to Nopo dong in Busan, which is a frequent service and takes 1:30 hours. From Nopo dong you can take the subway to Hadan (yes, nearly the whole orange line…) which takes about an hour. From Hadan you need to take the 2000 bus and get off at Gohyun Fire Station and change to bus 22/23 to Gujora Beach. We messed this bit up which ended wasting an hour or so. Make sure the bus driver understands that he needs to tell you to get off at Gohyun 😉 Bus 22/23 only runs every 30 minutes.

Another way of doing it is to get a bus from Nopo to Gohyun which exposes you to potentially bad traffic and doesn’t run as frequently. We used this option on the way back home and we found out that the service was once per hour- we’d missed the last bus by 5 minutes… In total the journey from Pohang to Gujora beach takes about 5 hours but if it’s planned according to bus schedules it should take around 3-4. It’s probably a good idea to download the bus app for the cities you plan to visit before you go, if you want to optimize your beach time! Or learn to use naver maps properly- it has magical properties that most foreigners do not know about! If you want to learn how to use naver maps properly, check out this blog. Do this BEFORE your trip.

If you DO mess up, try to get off at Okpo, which is a foreigner friendly area with cool eateries including B.O.Bs sports bar with handmade burgers. Then take a taxi or bus 22/23 to Gohyun Bus Terminal.

Gujora beach is pretty idyllic with camping available cheaply at a stone’s throw away from the beach. Our kayaking was coordinated and guided by Kyoung Sig Jung, who runs the Geoje Kayak Club. Our BBQ and camping equipment needs were sorted by Derrick from Waegook Travel. These two guys went out of their way to accommodate our needs. Seriously, shared between 10 people it came to 62,000 won per person for kayak hire, camping space rental, BBQ meat packs and a weber grill. Fantastic! There are a few small shops nearby with bigger supermarkets a 5 minute car ride away.

So here’s what all the hype is about. You can also go for a hike that leads through a bamboo forest if you fancy that over being on the water.




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