Tinkering away at the 101 list

My 101 list is always in the back of my mind for the simple reason that the activities on it are real goals that I’d like to achieve. However, I get distracted very easily as you’ll see in a minute…

This weekend I managed to tick off one and a half: (31) kayaking and (34) river clean-up. Tony has unlocked some achievements for me here in Pohang. He co-runs a fishing shop in Pohang (부산낚시) which also offers  kayak rental. Tony and his wife are both avid climbers and they’ve really helped me tap into Korea’s outdoor vein.  It’s not everyday you meet such genuine, down to earth people.

Tony organised a river clean-up last weekend. We were 4 volunteers in total: an American, a Korean, a Yemeni and a South African Brit. We dropped into the Hyeongsan river around Angang, from where it flows east to join the sea via POSCO. The original plan was to only do a morning kayak but we had such a great time we ended cleaning, rowing and chatting until late afternoon. We saw quite a few herons and there were lots of frogs rudduping away, as well as many river snails and fingerlings. We covered both sides of the river but probably only did around a kilometer upstream. I saw 4 dead fish and loads of fishing and farming generated rubbish. Styrofoam, plastic bait containers and lots of makeoli bottles. We only brought 10 bags with us and they were easily filled. It’s a shame that, despite our efforts, we probably only made a tiny dent in the mountain of plastic choking the rivers and planet. We’re planning a few more river clean-ups and beach clean up and hopefully we can get City Hall involved somehow.


I also had the good fortune to  perform in the Busan International Performing Arts Festival on Sunday. This wasn’t part of my orginal plan, but I got involved in the local drama group earlier this year and I’m really enjoying it! We’ve been rehearsing since mid April so I was quite glad when the actual performance day arrived. We were the only foreign drama group and it quickly became clear during rehearsals that OUR play was very different to everyone else’s. All the Korean plays dealt with subjects such as bullying, disability and suicide and ours… our play was about vampires. We gave our best and it was fun but unfortunately we didn’t make the final round. Got a few laughs though.

This weekend I’m going to kayak around Gujora with Kyoung Jung’s Geoje Kayak Club. If the weather holds it should be a fab weekend of camping, snorkelling and kayaking! After that I’ll be slightly broke but will start practicing for the Busan Mayor’s Surf Competition which takes place at the end of June.




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