Fotofacial IPL in Korea- 2nd treatment

I had my second treatment last night- two weeks after my first appointment. It was definitely more intense and more uncomfortable. I wouldn’t go as far as to say painful, but the sensation around my nose and eye sockets made me flinch a few times. I was wearing the same eye protection as before but the light seemed to be a lot brighter, and it felt like lots of extremely bright orange flashes, blinding sun flares inside my head!

The dermatologist asked me a few questions before we got started to check on post-procedure healing. Did my face crust over after he last treated me? Did I experience any pain or adverse effects? I had no crusting after the first procedure but he told me to expect crusting this time round because he increased the frequency of the light (no kidding).  Have I noticed any changes to my skin yet?  Other than the initial 2 days of looking mildly sun burnt, the main change I observed was having less spots, and since I only had the treatment 2 weeks ago, that could purely be a lovely hormonal coincidence. OR an indicator that the move away from regular alcohol consumption towards fruit and veg is finally starting to pay off. The big pores are still there. The deep lines on my forehead are still there. I don’t mind them so much because an elastic, expressive face is great when you’re a teacher.

My next appointment is in 4 weeks’ time. I should have  2 more monthly treatments after that,  according to my research, to achieve visible results. After the initial 4, I should be able to switch to bi-yearly top-ups.

This is what my face looks like 1  day after fotofacial IPL #2:



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