30 day yoga challenge


I started a 30 day yoga challenge today. I reckon the practise will not only strengthen me mentally and physically, but also linguistically! My teacher was very good at physically correcting my poses, but if I can overcome the language barrier I will be able to immerse deeper into the class instead of looking up and around every now and again to see what everyone else is doing.  I did a quick search for Korean yoga vocab on google but nothing so far.

Tonight I learnt left (왼쪽= oenjjog but sounds like wenchok) and right (오른쪽= oleunjjog sounds like oreunchok), 90 (gu ship) as in degree angle,  inhale (들이마시다 = deulimashida) and exhale (내쉬다= nesuida).

I went to a healing yoga class at 9PM with only 9 people (including 1 guy). I was surprised that we faced away from the mirrors. In London, when I practiced bikram yoga, almost everything was done facing the mirror so that you could keep aligned.It was also a first for me to use props: we used blocks and a belt to help us stretch.

Healing yoga is so different to Bikram, which focuses on a series of 24 poses always done in the same sequence. Healing yoga can be any combination of yoga positions. Fear not, it might not be hot yoga but I got some good, deep stretches in. Tomorrow’s going to hurt a bit!

Late night yoga is a great way to unwind and get ready for bed. I’m fortunate that the studio is a 10 minute walk/ 5 minute cycle from my new apartment so I don’t have to lose the yoga afterglow on public transport (maybe a little bit on crazy Korean drivers though!).

I’ll be back tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM to wake up my lactic acid infested muscles with a little bit of vinyasa yoga. I’ve decided that on the days that the studio is closed I will go to the beach and do a sesh on the sand. I’m really looking forward to my weekend mornings now!

Namaste (나마스테)  x



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