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I finally  got myself a crochet hook and some acrylic wool to start getting crafty again. I found a great YouTube tutorial for a basic beanie and I didn’t use a pattern for the beard, just crocheted and fit to my face as I went along. The bearded number wasn’t for me, I made it for a friend who will have to shave off the crazy bush on his face as soon as he’s back in the States. I did sneak it to the slopes one day and it kept my face nice and warm (and I could breathe easier than when I wear a snood). Believe it or not, the 2 hats are from the same pattern- the colourful number is an accidental beret. This is what happens when you lose concentration/ forget to count rows and stitches. The beret looks pretty gnarly with some big ass ski goggles!

I’d like to make a quilt or sofa cover but I’ll wait until my move is complete before I buy any fabric from the local markets.


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