101 things

Last November I compiled a list of 101 things I would like to achieve in the next 3 years after I came across the Day Zero Project on someone else’s blog.  I love a list, I do. I find it helps me focus on what I want to achieve. It also makes you realize what you actually like, instead of what you think you SHOULD be doing. There are a few on my list that I shall keep private, since they are things that require the most effort to achieve.
Goals can be viewed as short term, medium and long term goals. I think I have a healthy mix – what do you reckon?
These are the goals I’d like to achieve between 17 November 2013 and 14 August 2016:
1.  Write a gratitude journal daily .
2. Write a journal entry once a week.
3. Eat fruit every day.
4. Meditate 3 times a week.
5. Private (needs action).
6. Private (needs action).
7. Read one book per month (this has been easy so far- in fact I have over achieved!)
8. Knit a scarf.
9. Crochet a hat (I crocheted 2- one for a friend and one for myself).
10. Make a sofa cover/ quilt.
11. Watch 5 documentaries.
12. Watch 5 Korean Films.
13. Watch 5 Foreign Films..
14. Watch 5 films produced prior to 1976.
15. One tech-free weekend per month (this is going to be hard. So far, it hasn’t happened).
16. Attend a classical music concert. Pohang Orchestra.
17. Go to the opera.
18. Go to a gallery or museum  (Seoul Arts Center and Osaka’s Museum of Oriental Ceramics )
19. Go hiking. 8 out of 12 waterfalls done.
20. Visit Jeju island.
21. Bikram Yoga. 
22. Memorize a Shakespearean sonnet.
23. Write to someone I admire (I wrote to my High School English Teacher).
24. Get a massage. One hour good quality massage for 7USD?! That’s what I call a happy ending! Ocean Massage, Cebu, Philippines
25. Get a dental check up. So cheap in Korea- 25 USD for 2 fillings and a clean!
26. Get a gyno check up.
27. Plant a new seed every month.  
28. Host a party at my house (like a real party not just small dinners. Scary.)
29. Wear a dress once a week.
30. Volunteer (I used to volunteer so often in the UK but the opportunities here are few and far between). Kayak river clean up.
31. Kayak. Combined with river clean up- collected 10 bags of trash in a 1km section of river in Pohang.
32. Try 10 new restaurants.
33. Donate to an orphanage in Nepal. (Ideally I would like to volunteer teach there at some point- I wish it weren’t so costly!)
34. Do a beach clean-up.
35. Swim in the sea during winter. (Did it, twice.)
36. Design a T-shirt. Designed a cycling top for Cycling Korea’s 4  Rivers. Also designed a T-shirt for English Teachers.
37. Calligraphy lessons (Korean or other.)
38. Less than 50% drinking time per week. (This sounds bad but everyone drinks so much here, it’s very easy to get sucked in.) I’m there. It’s tough but great when you re-sharpen your mental clarity. There are a million other, better things you can do instead of getting pissed all the time or being a sub-par version of yourself because of your raging hangover. Drink socially to enjoy time with people you care about, don’t drink to make people/ situations tolerable.
39. Adopt a rescue dog.   I changed this to PET SIT because of the transient nature of my job. This makes me sad but pet sitting was fab!
40. Listen to a new album each week.
41. Learn all your new co-teachers’ names.
42. Learn all your kids’ names.
43. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day. (Too easy.)
44. Draw a self portrait (this will be mildly challenging since I can’t draw…)
45. Donate blood. Sadly, this can’t happen in Korea. Gutted.
46. Visit the Galapagos (lifelong dream).
47. Visit Italy (Amalfi Coast and Tuscany)- lifelong dream.
48. See the Northern Lights.
49. Fast for 3 days.
50. Write a book .
51. Visit the Grand Canyon.
52. Write a short story.
53. Write a poem.
54. Go rock climbing (I’ve always wanted to do this!) Amazing. Definitely doing it again!
55. Expand my vocabulary by 100 words (I need to make this harder…).
56. Fine yourself 100 KRW per swearword (teaching at elementary seriously reduces use of bad language after school)
57. Save at least GBP 10,000 (start implementing #56!)
58. Learn to French braid.
59. Go to South Africa.
60. Earn RYA Competent Crew qualification.
61. Earn RYA Day Skipper qualification.
62. Don’t say anything negative for a day.
63. Don’t say anything negative for 3 days. (Maybe I can combine this with fasting. hiding from the world!)
64. Learn to pole dance.
65. Learn to massage (a qualification would be good).
66.Go on a date with a Korean.
67. Become a swim instructor.
68. Learn Taekwando.
69. Create a budget and stick to it for 4 weeks.
70. Sleep in an overnight train.
71. Visit North Korea.
72. Go on an overnight hiking trip.
73. Slackline. On it!  Can only do a few steps so far but will keep at it until I can cross!
74. Take a photo of the same place every month for a year.
75. Learn to tango.
76. Attend English Exchange (this is to help Koreans improve their English, set in a social environment).  Loved meeting Pohang Koreans who can speak English who are NOT teachers.
77. See the snow monkeys of Jigokudani.  Jan 2015- I’m so grateful that I could see this beautiful scene in person.
78. Learn Korean bird names.
79. Do a cooking course.
80. Design a bikini.
81. Complete the 4 Rivers Trail . Completed 23/11/14!
82. Complete YouTube videos for Pohang (I started but lost interest).
83. Go to BikePatySeoul.
84. Live in Japan.
85. Live in Seoul.
86. Make something with pottery (pottery is still huge here).
87. Make a jewellery item. I made earrings from recycled bicycle inner tube. during Korea Burn.
88. Private.
89. Visit Ankor Wat.
90. Visit Bayon Temple, Siem Reap.
91. Freedive again- past 30m.  Philippines August 2014
92. Candy swap. (I posted sweets to a friend in Guatemala in December. I got theirs 2 weeks back. Mine has gone AWOL).
93. Write to someone in prison.
94. Write to someone in the military.
95. Cycle Vietnam.
96. Cycle Japan (on my last visit I was told that Hokkaido is best for cycling).
97. Cycle Cambodia. (Can you spot a theme yet?)
98. Wake up and get up at 6am for a week. (Goes with pet sitting).
99. Pay off your debt. This is such a biggy for me. Really happy and relieved to have my life back.
100. Learn to complete Soduku .
101. Enter Busan surf comp.

My main question is: can I manage to visit all the countries on my list in 3 years? How awesome would that be!


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